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This forum is a rpg where you can create a character who is special. Like has an ability or something.

    Application For Aya Kurami

    Aya Kurami

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    Application For Aya Kurami

    Post  Aya Kurami on Tue Mar 31, 2009 7:13 pm

    Full Name:Aya Kurami
    Eye color:Blue
    Hair Color:Blue
    Physical Description:Slim. Has kitten ears. Is short and petite. Has long straight hair.
    personality: She is very nice and outgoing.
    Style:She usually wears blue dresses. She wears ballet flats.She usually wears her hair in pigtails.
    Hobbies:She loves to talk and shop.
    Family: Her family is unknown.
    RP Sample:

    I sat where I always sat when I was alone. I was eating my daily cheese and feeling very lonely. I've never knew what its like to have a family. It would be nice to have on too. I looked up to the sky to see the sun. I loved the sun. It kept everything bright. Then I heard footsteps coming my way. I looked around me to see where it was coming from. Then someone came to me. She looked so kind and motherly.
    "Hello. I see that you are all alone. Do you want to come with me and become a student at AFTS." She asked me. An school I'm guessing.
    "Sure. What does the abbreviation mean?" I asked her.
    "Acadamy For The Strange." She told me. I smiled and knew that I could become a student at an acadamy.
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    Re: Application For Aya Kurami

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