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This forum is a rpg where you can create a character who is special. Like has an ability or something.

    App. For Elizabeth Leana

    Elizabeth Leana

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    App. For Elizabeth Leana

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    Full Name:Elizabeth Leana
    Eye color:Blue
    Hair Color:Blonde
    Physical Description:She is slim and short. Her hair is long and straight. Her face looks like it belongs to a child rather than a seventeen year old.
    personality:She can be very quirky. She gets along with people very well and is very enthusiastic about everything.
    Style:She usually wears those lolita dresses. She mainly wears flatts.
    Hobbies:She loves to dance and shop.
    -Mother-Anna Leana
    -Father-Kieth Leana
    -Sister-Katie Leana(Twin)
    RP Sample:

    I looked into the bright blue sky with a smirk on my face. No one knew what I was about to do. No one. I definately wasn't staying in this hell on Earth. I looked at the small bag I was holding and the other bag. One had a passport and some money. There was also a purse in it. The other had my clothes. I ran to the nearest bus stop while looking through the crowd of people. I'm going to miss my sister, but I can't stay in a place that makes me so miserable. When the bus came I got on in a hurry and paid the driver for the ride and went to go sit down. A teenage boy got up so I can sit down.
    "Thank you." I said with a smile on my face.
    "Your welcome." He told me while returning a smile. I wished there was more people like that around here. I would've stayed. I looked out the window only to see my sister looking for me. I slouched down and put a pair of sunglasses on my face. I couldn't have her find me. I don't want to say goodbye at all.
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    Re: App. For Elizabeth Leana

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